Armed Forces

Swan's Armed Forces Advocacy  Project

Supports serving and ex-serving personnel and their families living in Wiltshire. We provide support and information to help this particular group within the community to:

  1. Be treated equally, fairly and with respect and be given the right to choose.
  2. Challenge discrimination and abuse
  3. Overcome poverty by accessing information on benefits, employment, finance and other important services

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Serving and ex-service personnel and their families are especially vulnerable to social exclusion and injustice. The readjustment to civilian life and the associated pressures are often compounded by the traumatic physical and psychological experiences that service and ex-service personnel have endured in conflict zones.

With many thousands of service personnel leaving the armed forces each year, an increasingly large proportion of whom have seen active service, there is a growing demand for Swan’s professional independent support, especially for those that find it difficult to speak out or represent themselves.